Barbie Lash Extensions-How to Create the Perfect Barbie Lashes?

Hi Barbie! Step into the pink-tastic land of Barbie with the release of the highly anticipated Barbie Movie, the women empowerment anthem of 2023! This blockbuster has not only sparked trends in fashion and makeup but has also ignited a frenzy for the hottest eyelash style of the season, Barbie Lashes. Join us as we unravel the tips and tricks behind creating the perfect Barbie lash!


It’s fast becoming the biggest movie event of summer 2023. The new Barbie Movie has been one of the most anticipated films of the year and with it of course, social media has been set ablaze with trends, from clothing to makeup, and even eyelash extensions.To achieve this look, the process is similar to creating a Cat Eye or Squirrel lash set, but with special tweaks to capture the Barbie-inspired vibe.


Barbie lash extensions are perfect for individuals looking to achieve a captivating and enchanting look inspired by the iconic Barbie character. If you love wispy and fluttery lash styles, the Barbie lash map creates a flirty cat-eye effect that’s sure to enchant. Additionally, those who embrace the color pink and seek to add a playful and glamorous touch to their lashes will find Barbie lash extensions to be the perfect fit.


For this Barbie-inspired lash look, we’re aiming for an effect similar to an Eyeliner Style that will be perfect for clients with close-set or proportionate eyes. A super-dark eyeliner look is achieved by using short and narrow base fans and super-long spikes. For the first layer of lashes, you will split the lash line into 6 sections, or you can split it into as many as you want depending on how many lengths you are using. Like a Squirrel lash map, your lengths will increase as you move from the middle of the eye and closer to the outer edge, and then will gradually shorten as you reach the outer corner.

The second layer consists of lashes that are 1 mm longer in length. For the third layer, the only sections you want to increase by length is the inner half of the eye, while you keep the length the same for the outer – this creates the desired open-eye Barbie-inspired look with the addition of a subtle flick from the spikes. Working with the lashes in layers ensures a full, fluffy, and multidimensional lash look. Now on to the spikes! To create the desired Cat Eye flick that many clients love, we have taken inspiration from Cat-Eye mapping with the fact that, from the inner corner of the eye you will gradually increase the lashes in length by 1mm until you reach the outer corner, for that must-have swooping flick. For this Barbie-inspired lash look, we haven’t used any colored lashes, but of course, a cute pop of pink would be perfect!


For a light and fluffy set of Barbie lash extensions we recommend the London Lash Mayfair 0.05 or 0.07 lashes in C or CC Curl. These lash extensions will give the perfect bold Barbie look that will still appear fluffy and natural on your client’s eyes.

Would it be a Barbie world if we didn’t add pink? Of course not. Play around with Pink Lashes or Red Lashes to create bold and dramatic dimensions. A touch of pink blended in with red coloured lashes will add some femininity with a youthful and playful effect, perfect for any Barbie fanatic. Using coloured lashes can be intimidating, but with this Barbie lash set you can play around with the lash layers, add a touch of colour in the outer corners, or even blend the coloured lashes with wispy lash spikes for some dimension.


In a nutshell, Barbie lash extensions are all the rage in 2024! They’re not just a beauty trend; they’re a fun and trendy way to amp up your look. With Barbie’s signature flair for glamour, these extensions bring a touch of playful sophistication to your eyes. So, if you’re looking to rock a look that’s both chic and on-trend, Barbie lash extensions are the way to go. Get ready to transform into a real-life Barbie and turn heads wherever you go!

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