Eyelashes Falling Out? The Truth About Lash Shedding

HELP‼️ Why Are My Lash Extensions Falling Out?

Did you know that you naturally lose eyelashes every day?! 😲 Don’t fret, eyelashes grow and fall out in cycles, just like the rest of your hair.

Every hair on your body follows a specific growth cycle, including eyelashes. Lash shedding is a natural and healthy part of the hair growth process and should not be cause for alarm—yes, even with lash extensions!

The Natural Lash Shedding Cycle

The average cycle of our natural lash life expectancy is around 9-10 weeks. This starts with the ANAGEN stage – those tiny, sometimes very unmanageable baby lashes. Let’s talk about these lashes.

There is a lot of controversies when it comes to lash extensions and baby lashes, the main questions asked is: “Should we apply eyelash extensions on them or not?” Well, definitely yes. In the past, when the only choice of extension was Classic, very thick and heavy extensions to choose from, it was not recommended. Today, there is so much range and different thicknesses and weights of lashes to choose from. All you need to consider though, is not to overload the baby lashes, go for shorter and thinner extensions such as Mega Volume 0.05 Lashes, these lashes are super light weight and come in a variety of lengths.

The next stage for the lash growth cycle is CATAGEN. This is when our lashes start to become thicker, but may still be growing. These are the perfect and ideal lashes to apply extensions onto because they will last the longest.

Lastly, the final stage of the cycle is TELOGEN. By now, the lashes are fully grown and are almost ready to shed and be replaced by the baby lashes beginning the anagen phase. Lashes in the telogen phase can be tricky to work with, you wont be able to tell if that lash is about to shed tomorrow or in a few days. This is why you may have clients complain of lash shed.

Annoying as this is, all of our lashes are in different growth stages constantly. Every lash is in a completely different stage and you cannot necessarily tell when they’re about to shed from the final telogen phase. It is perfectly normal for everyone to lose 2 to 5 lashes each day. Explaining this to your client is perfectly okay and in fact, you can assure them that no lash set will last months, especially without an infill.

Fortunately, your lashes aren’t all on the same shedding cycle—this means that *most* of the time, you’re unlikely to notice them shedding over time!

BUT there ARE two lash shedding seasons when you’re more likely to lose lashes. If you’ve ever noticed how your hair sheds more during certain seasons, you’re not alone! This is called “seasonal molting,” and it’s completely natural.

When Are The Lash Shedding Seasons?

There are two major shedding cycles associated with lash extensions: Fall and Spring. The biggest reason behind our lash shedding comes from the seasonal adjustments and the role it play on our bodies.

As we all know, the Fall season brings about cooler temperatures. Naturally, cooler temps introduce drier climates. These drier results affect the hair on our bodies including our lashes. The powerhouse of nutrients (the sebaceous glands in the ocular muscles) become a bit more dehydrated causing a shrinkage of the gland. This effects the performance and retention for natural lashes. The natural lashes recognize the change and make the necessary adjustments after a shedding cycle of the weaker lashes.

The same thing happens in the Spring season as the weather gets warmer. The glands expand in response to the warmer temps causing the weaker lashes to shed in preparation of the new season.

Bet you never knew there was such thing as lash shedding seasons! Here are some more interesting things about your lashes.

5 Fascinating Eyelash-shedding Facts:

➕On average, a person loses about 20% of their natural lashes every two weeks.

➕Natural eyelashes grow in and fall out in cycles, which occur every 60 to 90 days.

➕Wondering how many lashes are shed a day? Depending on their individual lash growth cycles, a person can typically shed between 1 and 5 natural lashes every day.

➕A new eyelash has already been growing to replace the lash that falls out and, for most of us, we don’t even notice.

➕It’s not just your lashes that shed! All body hair replaces itself at least every few years.

Avoid Premature Lash Shedding

Get the most out of your extensions! There ARE ways to keep your lash extensions looking healthy, longer. To keep them looking their best and avoid premature shedding, remember these tips:

💡Keep them clean—Remove any eye makeup at the end of your day to keep your extensions looking healthy and staying strong. 🧼 Remember to use products that are kind to your lash extensions. Avoid waterproof mascara and anything oil- or alcohol-based.
💡Avoid excessive touching—To keep your extensions and natural lashes intact, avoid rubbing your eyes or tugging your lashes.
💡Spend some time going through the lashes with Isolation Tweezers after the treatment to look out for stickies. Stickies can be dangerous to natural lashes as they can pull on the natural lash and make it fall out prematurely.

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