Fan-tastic Lashes: How To Create Glitter Lash Extensions

Glitter is the new black! And it’s not just for your hair or nails anymore. Glitter Lash Extensions are the latest in lash fashion and are here to stay. These eye-catching lashes are ideal for adding a unique splash of color and enhancing the glam and shine of the client’s eyes. Lash artists who want to add some extra flare to their clients can use this type of lash.

What are Glitter Lash Extensions?

Glitter lash extensions are a type of eyelash extension that incorporates tiny specks of glitter into the lash strands. This innovative technique allows you to customize your lash extensions with a hint of sparkle, creating a truly unique and dazzling effect. 

To transform, a tiny layer of high-quality cosmetic glitter is applied to lightweight synthetic lashes to create glitter lashes. The most common color is blue, since it gives the impression of a natural eye and blends in better than other hues like green or purple. Another option for wearing artificial eyelashes is to use glitter lashes alone.

Who Are Glitter Lashes For?

Today glitter lash extensions are more associated with Halloween or festive celebrations, adding a touch of colour to the winter season. But there’s nothing stopping you from offering glitter lashes all year round – in fact, they are perfect for clients attending music festivals or Pride events, there are no boundaries.

Of course, we must note that using glitter in the eyelash extensions will not result in realistic lash sets. That should be clarified with your client too. While it is up to you and the client to decide the amount of glitter used, if they’re looking for a very natural finish, glitter lashes may not be for them. These are lash extensions which are bold and scream personality.

How To Create Glitter Lash Extensions

Pick Your Players: Make sure to analyze your clients’ facial structure, and perform a thorough consultation, so that you choose the right length and curl for your client.

Base Lashes, First: Apply your base eyelash extensions as usual. If you’re working in layers, this will help you to easily incorporate your colored lashes into your set.

Bring on the Glitter: If you already have pre-made glitter lash extensions, then pop them on now. You can focus on the outer corners for a subtle twinkle, or apply them to the lower lash layer and go all out for full-on glam. However, if you’re making your own glitter lashes, then you’ll need to also grab a glass dish and your glitter. We’d suggest using fine glitter rather than chunky glitter with large pieces, as they may not adhere as effectively and can overpower the look. You can also use a fine glitter liner to create your own glitter lashes by gently coating your regular extensions with them. Gold or silver liners work wonders to create a gorgeous metallic look. Just be sure they’re lash-friendly!

Select Your Tweezers: Now’s the time to grab your favorite pair of trusty lash tweezers! If you’re creating fluffy Volume lash fans, make sure they are suitable for volume lashing techniques, like Mega Volume eyelash tweezers. Using your eyelash tweezers, carefully dip the tips of your lash fan, individual lash, or spike into a clear lash glue, and then gently dip it into your glitter. Make sure to tap off any excess before allowing it to dry. Once dry, you can then apply your glitter lashes to the natural lashes like any regular lash extensions.

Applying glitter lashes is an art. So you want to ensure each lash is perfectly placed for maximum impact. It’s all about creating a look that’s not just beautiful, but also comfortable. Remember, a happy client is a returning client!

How To Remove Glitter Lash Extensions

To safely take off those glam glitter lash extensions, your friendly lash tech has some tricks up their sleeve. They start by setting up a clean, tidy workspace and having a chat with you about how it’s all gonna go down. They’ll make sure to protect your lower lashes with eye pads or tape and then carefully apply a special glue remover to the base of your extensions, letting it do its thing for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Then comes the gentle part—they’ll use these delicate tweezers to pluck off each extension, being super careful not to harm your real lashes. If some of those glittery bits are being stubborn, they might need to reapply the glue remover. After everything’s off, they’ll give your lashes and the area around your eyes a good clean, rinse it all off, and give you some tips on how to look after your lashes. If you’re keen, they’ll even book you in for a fresh set if you want to keep the glam going.

And remember, if you wanna make sure those lashes stay fabulous, consider using a bit of mineral oil or coconut oil to help get rid of any leftover glue. These sparkly extensions are like a temporary makeover, lasting anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on how you take care of them and the type of glue used. They’re a real game-changer for those who want a new look without all the fuss. But like with any beauty stuff, it’s smart to chat with a pro first so you know what you’re getting into.


Glitter Lash Extensions Aftercare

Safety First: When working with glitter and adhesives near the eyes, safety is paramount. Always use a professional eyelash glue like one from our London Lash range, just like you would with a regular lash set, and make sure your clients know that while glitter lashes will look stunning, they do require a little bit of extra maintenance and care to protect their natural lashes. Glitter lashes are NOT for the long haul and should only be worn for a short period of time, like for a special occasion, as there’s still a risk of the glitter coming loose and getting into the eyes, and the natural lashes facing some strain from the additional weight of the glitter on the lashes.

If your client has a specific event that they want to wear these lashes for, or if it’s simply for your social media content, make sure to book them in as soon as possible, to get them removed. You can replace their glitter lashes with some classic black lashes or colored ones for a vibrant touch!

Aftercare: If your client can’t come in as soon as possible to have the glitter lashes removed, then advise them to use a lash shampoo as usual, but to practice a more gentle cleansing routine when cleaning around the glitter. Because the glitter only covers a portion of the lash set, your client can clean between the lashes without the need for heavy scrubbing. To ensure proper aftercare, it’s crucial to make sure that you’ve demonstrated the correct cleansing technique to your clients.

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