Fan-tastic Lashes: How to Create KIM K Lashes Set?

The enduring allure of wispy eyelashes is undeniable, marking their arrival years ago as a trend that has since cemented its place in the beauty world. European Lash Artists first embraced the Kim K lash style, characterised by its bold and dramatic appeal, catering to clients enamoured with the iconic spiky lash look sported by the star. And now, it’s making a resurgence. But why the comeback?

What Do Kim K Lash Extensions Look Like?

Kim Kardashian lash extensions, also known as Kim K lashes, are a popular style that combines classic lashes with Russian volume lashes. This technique involves adding longer lashes at evenly spaced intervals, resulting in a fuller and fluffier effect. The lashes appear thicker and longer than other styles, creating a voluminous yet gentle look that makes the eyes sparkle. Kim K lashes are often referred to as wispy hybrid eyelash extensions due to their wispy and glamorous appearance. 

The style is executed in a “V” shape, with longer lash strands in the inner corners and shorter strands towards the outer corners, similar to a cat-eye lash look. This placement draws attention to the shape and definition of the eyes, enhancing their appearance.

Which Clients Will Kim K Lash Extensions Be Suitable For? 

Clients with small eyes who have always wanted big eyes would adore Kim Kardashian Eyelash Extensions look. This is because it makes the eyes appear larger by opening them up and pulling them out at the corners to create a more almond-like shape.

Additionally, it will look stunning on women with arched eyebrows. 

With this styling, Asian eyes also look fantastic (a small tip: 3–4 d volume with wide spikes is required). Additionally, this technique will effectively conceal the crease on hooded eyes. In fact, many of your clients would rock the Kim Kardashian false eyelash effect and look amazing! 

For large, downturned, or asymmetrical eyes, on the other hand, we would advise against adopting this style. It frequently makes the eye line appear thick and overdramatic in this scenario.

Kim K Lash Extensions, in short, are the ideal technique to open up smaller eyes and achieve a dazzling yet fluttery look.

How To Achieve Kim K Lash Extensions Look

🤎Prepare your tools: In addition to the standard lash application tools like eye pads and lash mapping pens, you might want to have some tape on hand. A multipurpose tweezer that works with both Classic and Volume extensions would be the perfect tool.

🤎Before you start: The places where you will be applying your spikes should be evenly marked. Start at the highest points to design a frame for your map. For a more natural or wispy effect, it can be ideal to generate spikes of different lengths. We advise putting your spikes on first after determining where to place them before filling in the spaces with the subsequent lashes.

🤎To ensure visibility: The lash rays should be slightly longer than the main set, around 2-3 mm. Avoid overcrowding the lashes by limiting the number of rays to 7–10 per eye. Symmetry is key, so make sure the spikes are evenly spaced and at the same distance from each other on both eyes. Avoid placing spikes in the inner or outer corners, maintaining a distance of 4-5mm.

🤎For added impact: The lash rays should be thicker than the main set. When creating fans for the rays, keep them closed or slightly opened for added density and the feeling of thick volume. It is crucial to attach the rays in the correct direction for a natural look. Lastly, the length of the rays should match the desired styling effect, following the main lash map. Each lash ray can consist of 3–4 spikes attached to natural lashes.

Key Tips for Achieving The Kim K Eyelash Extensions Style

These key tips for Kim K eyelash extensions promise balanced symmetry and a natural allure in the lash design process.

  • To achieve balanced Kim Kardashian eyelash extensions, ensure symmetrical spike placement and avoid extreme inner or outer corners for a harmonious lash design.
  • Lash rays should extend slightly beyond the main set by 2-3 mm for optimal visibility. Limiting rays to 7-10 per eye avoids overcrowding, offering a balanced appearance. Thicker lash rays create added impact, enhancing depth and allure.
  • Maintain symmetry by spacing spikes 4-5mm from the corners. Match curls to the main set’s intensity for a seamless blend, applying 3-4 spikes for each lash ray.
  • Match lash ray curls to the main set’s intensity and attach them in the correct direction for a seamless, natural blend.

Perfecting this technique demands the artistry of seasoned lash artists. Identifying professionals well-versed in this style is pivotal for precise, safe application, elevating natural beauty seamlessly.

Kim K Eyelash Extension Style Aftercare

🫧Handle with Utmost Care: Educate clients on the importance of gentle handling. Advising them to avoid rubbing or pulling at the extensions will prevent damage and premature shedding, prolonging the lash retention.

🫧Emphasize Oil-Free Makeup: Stress the significance of using oil-free makeup products. Oil-based cosmetics weaken the lash adhesive, potentially leading to lash loss. Recommending oil-free options ensures the extensions’ longevity.

🫧Daily Cleansing Routine: Encourage clients to adopt a daily cleansing ritual. Suggest gentle lash cleansers or baby shampoo for regular use, aiding in the removal of debris and makeup residue to maintain the extensions’ pristine appearance.

🫧Post-Application Protocol: Explain the necessity of caution post-application. Clients should avoid excessive heat, steam, or water for the first 24 hours to allow the adhesive to set properly, ensuring optimal retention.

🫧Strict ‘No Mascara’ Policy: Emphasize the detrimental effects of mascara on Kim Kardashian eyelash extensions. Educate clients about the risks of clumping and potential damage, advocating for a mascara-free approach to maintain lash health.

🫧Regular Touch-Up Appointments: Stress the importance of routine touch-ups. Encourage clients to schedule timely appointments to replace naturally shed lashes, ensuring a consistently full and captivating look.

In essence, meticulous care and guidance play a crucial role in maintaining the captivating allure of Kim K-style lash extensions. Sharing these maintenance tips with clients ensures their enduring, stunning results, nurturing satisfaction and building loyalty.

So, to sum it up, getting those Kim K lash extensions is all about nailing that perfect combo of length, curl, and volume. It’s like a little black dress for your eyes—instant glam! But remember, it’s not just about the wow factor; it’s about taking care of those lashes too. Keep ’em clean, avoid rubbing your eyes like you’re in a sandstorm, and you’ll be batting those beauties like a pro. So go ahead, channel your inner Kardashian and let those lashes do the talking!

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