Bottom Lash Extensions-Why You Should Try Bottom Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a great lash enhancement method: they make your eyes more open, your lashes look longer, thicker, and more glamorous, they can look very natural, but also pretty dramatic.

Lash extensions are usually added to the upper lashes, but bottom eyelash extensions are also a thing. Adding extensions to bottom lashes is in trend. You’ll be amazed at how adding 15-20 lower lashes per eye greatly changes how the eye appears. Bottom lashes can make the eyes look bigger and more dramatic without looking fake.

This delicate addition to your clients’ treatment can transform their final look, offering a balanced and beautiful finish that’s hard to ignore. If you want to learn everything you need to know about bottom lashes to elevate your lash game to new heights, read on!

What Are Bottom Lash Extensions?

Whilst top eyelash extensions have long been popular, bottom lash extensions are emerging as an essential complement to achieve a full and balanced look. But what exactly are bottom lash extensions?

Bottom lash extensions are precisely what they sound like – individual lashes applied to the lashes of the lower eyelids. Just as with the upper lash extensions, these are attached to your natural bottom lashes using the same Classic lash extensions technique. The result? A more defined and dramatic gaze that accentuates the eyes from every angle. When done correctly, they can beautifully frame the eyes, adding depth and dimension without looking overdone. Whether you’re aiming for a soft, natural enhancement or a bold, captivating look, bottom lash extensions can be tailored to your client’s preferences.

So why would you want extensions on your lower lashes? Why is it so popular?

1. Create a More Balanced Look
For most clients, the greatest benefit they receive from lower lash extensions is the creation of a more balanced appearance. Adding length and volume to the lower lashes helps balance the extensions applied to the upper lashes, resulting in a more natural look. This is because it creates a more symmetrical look, which is very flattering.

2. Make your eyes look bigger
Another reason why people love bottom lash extensions is that they help to make your eyes look bigger and more open.
If you’re familiar with the dolly lash style, you know that applying longer extension lengths towards the middle of the eye makes the eye appear larger and brighter.

Now, imagine if you combine this effect with the addition of extensions on your bottom lashes. This super combo will create an even more dramatic open-eyed look!

3. Elongate Your Face
Lastly, bottom lash extensions can also help to slim down your face.

If you have rounder features, long and voluminous lower eyelash extensions can help to elongate your face and give you a more slender appearance.

Who Should Get Lower Lash Extensions?

Lower lash extensions are suitable for everyone, but the following three types of clients will love this lash more than anyone:

Some clients just can’t give up those mascara pumped up lower lashes. Although we understand that urge, most mascaras are not lash-extension-friendly and they can damage the retention! Having lower lash extensions is an excellent choice for these clients because they prevent the risk of mascara debris clumping together with upper lash extensions. 

Bottom lash extension is all about balancing out the top and bottom lashes. If your mega volume lash client thinks her lashes are a little too dramatic, adding lower lashes can easily balance the focal point and make her top lashes even better!

This is a huge plus for our bride clients who need to look good AND have a high chance of crying! Having bottom lash extensions can not only make them look extra special but also prevent those embarrassing raccoon eye moments.

Bottom lashes are NOT for these clients

Unfortunately, not every client is an ideal candidate for bottom lash extensions.

When clients have really short, thin, and sparse lower lashes, it’s best to leave them bare to avoid damaging them further. Not only could applying lash extensions to weaker lashes potentially put more strain on them, but the retention of these lash extensions will most probably be very poor. You should also avoid adding bottom lash extensions to clients with upwards-pointing lower lashes, as by attempting to correct this look, the eyelash extensions won’t look natural and may even cause discomfort and interference. Lastly, if you are lashing more mature clients with skin that has lost elasticity, resulting in a slightly drooping or overhanging eyelid, we wouldn’t suggest bottom lashes as they would negatively enhance this look.

Are Bottom Eyelash Extensions Worth It?

They are a bit high maintenance, but they really make a difference. It seems like a small change, but they make your eyes stand out as if you are wearing subtle eyeliner. They create a widening effect on the eye and provide balance between top and bottom lashes

The disadvantage is that they don’t last as long as top lash extensions, but if you are a makeup lover and need them for a special occasion, they are definitely worth it.

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