Why Lash Technicians Love Premade Eyelash Extension Spikes?

Are you ready to elevate your lash level and leave your clients in awe of their glamorous lashes? If you haven’t explored the wonderful world of Premade Eyelash Extension Spikes yet, you’re in for a treat! These tiny bundles of joy can open up a whole new realm of possibilities for your clients’ lash looks.

Ready to learn exactly what lash spikes are and how to make lash spikes out of volume lashes? If so, read this post!

What Are Premade Spike Lashes?

Premade Eyelash Extension Spikes are like tiny bundles of lash magic. They’re essentially clusters of lash extensions, usually in groups of 2-5 lashes, attached together in a fan-like shape. They can be added to any type of lash extension, including classics, volumes, and hybrids. These clusters come premade, meaning they’re ready to use straight out of the box. These lash spikes are here to save you time and make your life as a Lash Technician a whole lot easier! They’re an excellent way to add instant volume, texture, and depth to your client’s lash look.

Why Are Premade Eyelash Extension Spikes So Useful?

How To Apply Spike Lashes

  1. Use your mapping pen to make small dots on the eyelid or eye pad where the lash spikes will be positioned.
  2. Apply some sealant to the eyelashes to make them all clump together.
  3. Remove a few lashes from the strip without spreading them out. Remove any bases that are not aligned since you still want all of them to be aligned.
  4. After dipping the spike in some glue, apply it to your client’s eyes.

Lash Mapping Styles For Premade Eyelash Extension Spikes


Premade lashes are great when you want to save time without compromising on quality when you are applying lash extensions. The great them about them is they always come in different lengths and styles so you can always choose what works well for your clients.

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