How To: Eyelash Extensions for Older Ladies

As we age, our lashes might lose their fullness and length, making our eyes appear less vibrant. But fear not, lovely ladies! With the magic of eyelash extensions, you can regain that youthful flutter and enhance your natural beauty effortlessly. In this guide, we’ll explore the best eyelash extensions for older ladies, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Understanding Eyelash Extensions

Before diving into the world of eyelash extensions, let’s grasp the basics. Eyelash extensions are synthetic fibers individually attached to your natural lashes, giving them length, volume, and curl. They come in various materials, lengths, and styles to suit different preferences and eye shapes.

Why Do Mature Eyes Need Specific Care? 

Mature women (and men, for that matter) with mature eyes have unique concerns when it comes to eye care; therefore, they need unique advice to help them keep their eyes looking and feeling their best. 

The aging process causes a great many changes in our bodies and a great many changes in our eyes. Let’s talk about just a few of the changes that may impact our ability to wear fake lashes. 


Skin will naturally lose elasticity across your body with age, and this loss of elasticity is due to the loss of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are the proteins that give your skin structure.

The decrease in these proteins can be related to hormonal changes, sun damage over time, and changes in your body’s oil production. Lifestyle choices, like diet and sleep quantity, will also play a role in your body’s collagen and elastin production.
Another cause of wrinkles or bags might be shifting fat deposits under the skin. When fatty tissue shifts around your eyes, you may end up with puffy under-eye bags or puffy eyelids, potentially on both upper and lower lids.

Since the fat under the skin may move over time, and your body is low on elastin and collagen to repair the skin and reshape it to the new structure underneath, you may be left with stretched-out areas of skin, especially around the eyes.


Just like the muscles in your biceps, pecs, and quads, the muscles around your eye will weaken with age. This includes the facial muscles in your brows, your eyelids, behind your eyes, and around the eye.

Aside from potentially causing droopy skin, this weakening of muscle may also impede your vision. Commonly found in mature eyes, ptosis is a condition that weakens the muscle that opens and closes the eye.

When the eye is open, the eyelid droops and hangs level with the pupil. For some, this is barely noticeable; for some, it is merely an aesthetic nuisance, but for others, it causes vision problems.


Our eyelashes can change a lot as we age. All eyelashes are fragile, regardless of age, but after menopause, you should be extra careful with the products you use around your eyes if you want to keep your natural lashes intact.

The loss of estrogen post-menopause can actually kill hair follicles all over your body, including your lashes. Because of this, lashes will naturally get thinner and more brittle with age. This is one reason to take it easy with your curler and maybe even thank it for its service before tossing it away. Manual curlers may contribute to the breakage of your natural lashes.

Not only will they become thinner, but your lashes may also become shorter. It’s not that they’ve stopped growing; it’s that they’re experiencing breakage. When mature lashes break, it’s not typically at the root; it’s typically halfway between the root and the tip in the middle of the fiber. A supplement like biotin may be able to help with breakage.

How To Choose Eyelash Extensions For Older Ladies

🔺Choosing the Right Material

For older ladies, lightweight and natural-looking extensions are key. Opt for extensions made from soft materials like faux mink or silk. These materials mimic the texture of real lashes while providing a comfortable and natural feel. They’re also gentle on sensitive eyes, making them perfect for mature skin.

🔺Consider the Curl

Our skin begins to sag and relax as we age. Elderly people frequently experience droopy eyelids, which can be problematic for those of us in the lash industry when it comes to selecting the appropriate curl.

Fortunately, we’ve discovered a fantastic method to improve even drooping eyes. More significantly for us, the L and L+ Curl lashes were designed to give elderly clients with drooping eyelids an open-eye impression, whether they had deep-set eyes or hooded eyelids.

Since L+ is curlier than L, your customer may choose L+ if they’re okay with a more dramatic set.

🔺Thickness and Length

Now that we’ve known about which curl to use when it comes to eyelash extensions for older ladies, how about thickness and length?

Clients over 50 typically have naturally weaker eyelashes than younger clients. For gorgeous, traditional lash looks, we suggest using lash extensions with a diameter of 0.10–0.15 mm.

Keep them as short as possible—no more than 2 mm longer than the natural lashes. Long lashes will just draw attention to the sparse areas around the lash line, and they won’t last.

Since lashes tend to conceal under eyelids when the eyes are open, the only situations in which slightly longer lashes can aid are if your client has hooded or droopy eyelids.

Best Eyelash Extension Styles for Older Ladies

Natural Sweep Style: 

This style uses shorter lengths on the inner corners of the eye while using the same length throughout the rest of the lash line.

Dolly Style: 

This style uses the longest lengths in the middle of the eye while using shorter lengths in the inner and outer corners of the eye. This style helps the eye look rounder and bigger.

There are many types of lash extension styles to choose from these days, but it is important to choose the right one that suits your eyes’ shape and size.

Similarly, the look you wish to achieve will also determine the kind of eyelashes you opt for.

In general, the best eyelashes extension styles for older ladies are the ones that are most natural-looking and open up the eye. That way, the client can be confident in her choice before adding more should she want to.

Pro Tip: Avoid longer lash extensions on the outer corner of the eyes. This might make the eyes appear more droopy. This is generally used to achieve a Cat-Eye style which typically doesn’t look good on older women. Find out which eyelash extension style is better suited for your eye shape here!

Eyelashes extensions aftercare for a mature eyelashes

To prevent skin allergies or drooping lash extensions, mature eyes need greater care and precaution following extensions. When eyelashes are taken better care of after getting lash extensions, they often seem more natural, last longer, and don’t cause allergic reactions or eye infections. The numerous safety measures for older clients who received eyelash extensions are as follows:

After the extension, wait 24 hours before touching them with water.

It is advised to keep water and moisture away from your eyelashes for 24 hours following eyelash extensions in order to give the eyelash extensions enough time to connect with your natural lashes. This will ensure firmer, longer-lasting eyelash extensions. Your eyelash extensions will stay longer as a result.

Do not rub your eyes after getting eyelash extensions.

It is best to refrain from rubbing your eyes, no matter how much they itch, to prevent getting dirt or glue in them and to prevent allergic responses. Additionally, it prolongs the life of your extensions and helps you avoid having puffy, red eyes. Rubbing your eyes could also harm your eyelashes, both natural and synthetic, leading to bald areas.

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