Summer Lash Tips: How To Take Care of Your Eyelash Extension

As summer rolls in, bringing with it the promise of sunny days and warm evenings, the excitement is palpable. It’s the season of beach days, pool parties, sunset BBQs and beautiful balmy weather. Your social calendar is generally more full during the festive season which makes eyelash extensions an absolute must for summer. With full luscious lashes, you’ll be ready to face the day with minimal effort! Keep reading for our top tips to take care of your eyelash extensions in summer. 


During the summer our hair (and lashes) tend to grow a bit faster than in the cooler months. As a result of this, your client may find that their lash extensions aren’t lasting as long because the natural lashes are growing out quicker. They may start to look a little messier too. Another factor to consider when it comes to eyelash extension retention in summer, is the fact that due to the humid and hotter weather conditions, we will be sweating more. Our eyelids are one of the most naturally oily parts of our body, so during summer, the oils within our sweat will have an impact on the lash glue bonds and cause them to break down quicker. This means that your client will require infills more regularly to keep those lashes looking full and gorgeous.


It’s crucial that clients avoid getting their new lash extensions wet for the first 24 hours post application. This ensures the adhesive fully cures without becoming brittle, which could compromise lash retention. Consider applying Superbonder at the end of each session to instantly cure the glue while maintaining its flexibility, especially beneficial for clients prone to swimming, showering, or shedding tears soon after their appointment.

You may already know that high humidity is a no-go when it comes to lash extensions. Humidity can weaken the bond between the natural lash and the lash glue, which can cause premature lash shedding. This includes any sort of steamy environment; for example, your bathroom during and after a shower, saunas, and hot tubs. We suggest lowering the water temperature when showering, keeping your bathroom well-ventilated, and avoiding hot tubs, steam rooms, and saunas altogether.

As we previously mentioned, exposing lash extensions to direct heat is a big no no when it comes to maintaining good retention and the appearance of the lashes. When the lash extensions are in a close proximity to direct sources of heat such as a hairdryer, barbeque or campfire, this leaves the lashes at risk of the heat causing their curls to “relax” and lose their shape. Even worse, they could singe or melt the synthetic lash extensions, and make them appear clumpy when they have cooled down. This could even result in damage being caused to the natural lashes as well!

Eyelash extensions are the best way to stay glam by the pool. Synthetic eyelash extensions are waterproof, so of course you can swim, don’t let your stunning lashes get in the way of a sunny day at the beach! However, be aware that while a quick dip in the sea or pool is unlikely to cause any problems, too much exposure to salt water and chlorinated water can damage the lash adhesive bond between your natural lashes and extensions, causing the glue to become brittle. If your client is a frequent swimmer, we suggest using a pair of lash-friendly swimming goggles.

As part of your summer skincare routine, sunscreen becomes a vital companion. Shielding your skin from harmful UV rays is crucial, but it’s essential to avoid oil-based sunscreens when you have lash extensions. The oils present in sunscreen can break down the lash adhesive, leading to premature fallout. Our first summer lash tip to preserve your beautiful lashes throughout the sunny season is to opt for oil-free sunscreen. This simple adjustment will prevent adhesive breakdown and keep your lashes looking stunning while you bask in the summer sun.

The MOST vital step to caring for eyelash extensions is to cleanse them daily. Using a lash shampoo and a lash cleansing brush is the best way to clean your lash extensions, facts. After the 24-hour period of having to keep the lashes dry, use the foaming lash shampoo as a daily eyewash to maintain the hygiene of the eye area and improve retention. It’s a great retail opportunity too! Try offering a foaming lash cleanser and brush to your clients, there will be no excuses for dirty lashes!

Your client can keep their lashes looking full and fluffy by brushing them daily with a clean mascara wand or spoolie brush. Brushing your eyelash extensions will help to break down and brush away any dust, makeup, and dirt away from the eye. After cleansing, brushing the lashes will help them stay in the desired shape. Pop a lash wand into your client’s aftercare package, it will encourage your clients to look after their lashes.

Engaging in physical activities or spending time outdoors during the summer often leads to perspiration. Sweat can affect the adhesive bond of lash extensions, causing them to loosen or fall out prematurely. By wearing a sweatband or wiping your face with a towel, you can help minimize the amount of sweat that comes into contact with your lashes. This reduces the risk of the lash adhesive breaking down, allowing your extensions to last longer.

Enjoy the summer vibes and the ease of a low maintenance beauty routine with these lash care tips. Whether it’s poolside relaxation, beach lounging, or outdoor adventures, these guidelines will help your clients and their lashes thrive this season.

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